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Edible water bottles: Possible?

By Maiya and Eleonore

In 2016, Ooho were created by Skipping Rocks Lab to improve the environment by using fewer plastic bottles.

In late 2016, Skipping Rocks Lab created the Ooho out of sodium alginate. They created this product to show the world that there is a much safer way to drink water and a more eco-friendly way to use fewer water bottles. This creation is not yet available in stores but soon will be.

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Rubik’s Renaissance

By Benjamin

Since 2005 the famous Rubik’s Cube trend has come back to life nearly everywhere in the world. From a simple toy lying in your cupboard to a competitive hobby, one out of seven people have already played with it. But why is it so popular?

The Rubik’s Cube was invented in 1974 by the Hungarian architect Ernö Rubik and has rapidly spread its cubes over the world as it is now the most sold toy ever made. Probably because of these factors: there are 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 possible scrambles, which makes every solve unique when compared to other repetitive toys. Also, the fact of seeing your times decrease with each solve keeps you passionate about the Magic Cube (its original name).

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Homework Hassle

By Eleonore

Children at our school have had a debate, on the 6th of March, about whether they should have to do homework or not.

The students of our school have had a civilised discussion about if the teachers should give less homework, or even, stop giving pupils homework completely.

The students asked for this debate after complaining that some of their teachers were giving them too much homework.

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By Alexandra and Beatrice

In light of several recent uncoverings of sexual harassment and abuse accounts, many hashtags have emerged, #HereWeAre being one of the most recent. The purpose of this hashtag was to empower women, and it was presented through the form of a video released by Twitter during the Oscars. However, perhaps what differentiates this hashtag most from other ones of its kind is the immense amount of controversy that the video received.

While the video was indeed empowering and progressive, featuring women of different ages, shapes, races and ethnicities, the fact that Twitter released the video seemed hypocritical, seeing as it has a history of ‘instead of raising women’s voices [shutting] them down’. One example of this being when Rose McGowan accused Harvey Weinstein of sexually abusing her. Immediately after these claims, McGowan’s Twitter account was shut down, even though she was the victim of the situation.

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