The school’s mission is to promote international understanding through the bilingual education of a multicultural community of students. It believes in pedagogical innovation and the constant exploration of best practices, in the context of an ever-changing global environment.

Jeannine Manuel founded the Ecole Active Bilingue in 1954 with the mission to develop international understanding through bilingual education starting in the nursery years. Her premise was that “learning a foreign language is, by itself, important; it is also a means to better understand others, to be able to think like them—it provides access to the world.”

In France, since its founding, sixty years ago, École Jeannine Manuel has become the largest non-denominational independent school in France, with 3,250 students in Paris and Lille representing over seventy-seven nationalities.

Today, all over the world, wherever they live, study or work, twenty thousand alumni bear witness to the excellence of the education they received, as well as to a spirit of openness and flexibility forged at École Jeannine Manuel.

The Governing Body

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